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About Premier Radiators

A modern heater NEW to the UK heating market

Premier Radiators is the only UK supplier and installer of Silox Dual Stone electric radiators. Our home heaters have been designed with the British home in mind, allowing the user to have complete control, even over the design with our user paintable front panel.

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Premier Radiators, perfect for all homes

Style without compromise – a customisable heating solution for your home

Premier Radiators

A company that manufactures, supplies and installs modern electric heaters. We aspire to bring a stylish, yet efficient heating system that will improve the efficiency and control of UK homes,

Inner City

Homes will benefit greatly from our heaters. As they are easy to install, only requiring a 13amp domestic plug socket, no piping or boiler is required.

Great for Off-Grid homes

Homes that have not got access to gas. They are a fully controllable system that offer comfort. They are stress free unlike LPG, and look stylish around the home.

Manufactured using Patented technology, this product is only available from Premier Radiators. If you’re looking for a new heating system, whether you live in the city, or the countryside, consider Premier Radiators.

Wall Heater
Kitchen Heater
Radiator with sofa and table


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