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Our premier range of radiators

Style without compromise.

Are you looking to improve the comfort and aesthetic appearance of your home? Our natural stone electric radiators are low input and work using patented technology. Once you’ve decided which radiator suits you best, get in touch and book a free survey. One of our trained heating engineers will do the rest…

  • Premierstore Classic
    Premier Store Classic radiator is a modern electric heater with a stylish touch. The classic appearance of the heater is perfect for modern or traditional homes.
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  • Premierstore EcoHeat
    Premier Store EcoHeat is a paintable electric radiator that gives you full freedom over design. Perfect for you, the creative homeowner looking to be expressive and warm.
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  • Premier Bathroom Radiator Range
    Our bathroom radiators are the ideal solution for all bathrooms. Coming with one or two towel rails, they're great for drying the room and drying towels.
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  • Premier Portable Electric Radiators
    Portable electric heaters from Premier Radiators. The perfect heating solution for smaller rooms with limited wall space. Great for conservatories.
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  • Electric heater with chair
    Premierstore Natural Range
    Premier Radiators Natural Range electric heaters are the perfect option for homes trying to bring the outdoors inside.
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