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Independent Zone Control

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Independently heat each room around
the home with our efficient electric heaters

Premier Radiators offer complete zone control around the home, unlike gas central heating, . This means that you can choose the exact temperature of each room, independently.

Whereas gas central heating use one master heat source (boiler) to heat the whole house, therefore reducing the amount of control, Premier Radiators allow you to choose the exact temperature you want throughout the whole house.

If you want 21°C in the lounge, 19 degrees in the hall and 17°C in the bedroom you can do so. This level of control helps towards increasing efficiency, and as a result puts you in control of your consumption and bills.

As the system is independent, there is less heat loss and more accuracy when it comes to increasing the temperature of a room. Gas central heating has a significant percentage of heat loss (up to 25%) through the pipes. This is not an issue with Premier Radiators. Premier Radiators produce heat at 100% efficiency and output directly into the room without the need of travelling through pipes before distribution. This increases efficiency, reduces energy wastage and eliminate carbon emissions from the point of usage.

For total control, choose a heater that has independent room control, Choose Premier Radiators.

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