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WiFi Controlled Electric Heaters

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Premier WiFi Control

✓  Complete Heat Control
✓  Geographic Location
✓  Modern Phone Compatible 
✓  Regulate Heater Input/Output


All Premier Radiators are available in a Wi-Fi enabled version. Wi-fi enabled radiators allow you to control each unit from a smart phone or tablet. This increases your control, which can improve comfort and help towards energy savings.


With Wi-Fi control you can set a specific amount of energy that you want to use on a daily basis. Once set, you can place the heaters in a priority order. If you start to reach your maximum energy usage, heaters higher on the priority list will receive more energy to maintain the temperature, whilst heaters lower on the priority list lower in energy consumption. So for example, if you prioritise the lounge, that room will keep it’s comfort setting when you’re reaching your maximum energy usage. Whilst the lounge maintains temperature, a room lower on the priority list, for example the spare bedroom, will lower in consumption and heat output.


The Wi-Fi enabled Premier Radiators use a smart technology where the heaters will automatically activate the comfort temperature setting when you are within a certain amount of time away from your home. The heaters learn your lifestyle routine and predict the times / electrical input that is required for you to achieve optimum comfort when your return home. This enhances control and allows for increased comfort. If you’re not returning home within the predictive period, you can simply alter the heat input / output from your phone.

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