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Technical Features

Manufactured using patented technology.

This areas explains all the technical aspects of Premier Radiators. From the thermostat to the Silox Stone, each component plays a key part when it comes to the efficiency and comfort of your home. Read on for more information.

  • Independent Zone Control
    If you want 21ºC in the lounge, 19ºC in the hall and 17ºC in the bedroom you can do so.
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  • LED Touch Screen Thermostat
    All Premier Radiator Premierstore ranges have LED touchscreen thermostats, making them simple yet effective to use.
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  • Silox Stone
    The Silox Dual Stone works by firstly storing heat from the electricity. It will take approx. 10 minutes to reach temperature.
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  • Compare Night Storage Heaters
    Our heaters have been design with efficiency and aesthetic in mind. Unlike night storage heaters, Premier are slimline and non-obstructive.
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  • WiFi Controlled Electric Heaters
    Wi-FI Control
    All Premier Radiators are available in a Wi-Fi enabled version. Wi-fi enabled radiators allow you to control each unit from a smart phone or tablet.
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  • Energy Consumption
    Premier Radiators have been tested and proven to be efficient by BRE (British Research Establishment). They only consume 1.16kW when ran at a comfort temperature of 21c
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